mardi 21 juin 2011

Offre d'emploi

 Geo-Information Specialist

  • Reduce operating cost, increase speed and accuracy and reduce exposure to errors by following ESSA (Eliminate, Simplify, Standardize and Automate) approach to managing GIS Systems & Data Management.
  • Work with GIS software vendors to provide clients with tools required to query and visualize spatial and non-spatial data.
  • Independently develop and maintain Geo-Information infrastructure and services, through strong relationships with GIS service operators, for existing and new customers.
  • Drive fit-for-purpose implementation of new and novel technology, data delivery systems and unique services in line with the Geo-Information Strategy.
  • Provide hands-on Geo-Information project execution support where highly-complex or unique situations make it necessary.
  • Act as a focal point for remote sensing requests, provide expertise and recommendations and facilitate licencing arrangements with external vendors.
  • Ensure internal support personel are up to date on latest changes to GIS Service infrastructure, software, monitoring and processes.
  • Provide expert advice and guidance to project teams to ensure optimum Geo-Information Project support.
  • Design, deploy and support custom non-standard tools, web services and fit for purpose web applications for a wide-ranging and diverse client group.
  • Represent Shell's UA Geomatics team internally and externally during industry Geo-Spatial Information Management and GIS-related events.

  • Must have legal authorization to work in Canada on a full-time basis for anyone other than current employer.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree preferably, in Geomatics or in a directly-related subject area.
  • Minimum of Six (6) to ten (10) years professional GIS experience with extensive working knowledge of ESRI and related spatial tools.
  • Highly motivated individual with good communication and team working skills.
  • Demonstrate a strong business sense and technical expertise in GIS, Geo-Information management, and related technologies.
  • Extensive knowledge of ArcGIS and ArcSDE required.
  • Awareness of ArcGIS Server, SOA and REST-ful technologies and how to produce ArcGIS data services, manage caching, and provide additional support on the data side for data or service consumers such as web-GIS applications and desktop tools that use spatial data.
  • Strong abilities in GIS-analytics used in geoprocessing, integration, and producing derived data sets, views, and published services.
  • Good understanding of remote sensing theory and knowledge of current market options in regards to remotely sensed products including LiDAR, Radar, and multi-band imagery
  • Knowledge of common scripting languages and geoprocessing libraries such as SQL, Python, FME, ArcGIS Model Builder, and other spatial data processing techniques
  • Strong skills in administering data in all types of ESRI geodatabases and file formats consumed by GIS applications, including open-standards GIS.
  • Diversified and demonstrated expert knowledge and ability to implement solutions for the hardware, software, and workflows necessary to deliver timely solutions for the business
  • Ability to apply advanced theories, concepts and techniques in GIS, Geo-Information Management and related technologies
  • Project management experience administrating and managing GIS-based systems, both in house and through the use of external resources
  • Professional experience with designing, creating, editing, and maintaining shapefiles, geodatabases, CAD, models, scripts and metadata for numerous projects
  • Technical experience with design, documentation, implementation and maintenance of GIS standards, processes, procedures and metadata.
  • Ability to share knowledge of coordinate integrity issues and standards
  • Ability to recognize new opportunities for emerging technologies to impact the business
  • Strong leadership, organizational and planning skills.
  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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