samedi 15 octobre 2011

Nouvelles publications


A.E. Viau, M. Ladd and K. Gajewski. 2011. The climate of North America during the past 2,000 years reconstructed from pollen data. Global and Planetary Change. 

A. J. Pieńkowski, J. H. England, M. F.A. Furze, F. Marret, F. Eynaud, G. Vilks, B. Maclean, S. Blasco and J. D. Scourse. 2011. The deglacial to postglacial marine environments of SEBarrow Strait, Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Boreas. 

D.J. Quincey, M. Braun, N.F. Glasser, M.P. Bishop, K. Hewitt and A. Luckman. 2011. Karakoram glacier surge dynamics. Geophysical Research Letters.

G. Allard, M. Roy,B. Ghaleb, P.J.H. Richard, A.C. Larouche, J.J. Veillette, and M. Parent. 2011. Constraining the age of the last interglacial–glacial transition in the Hudson Bay lowlands (Canada) using U-Th dating of buried wood. Quaternary Geochronology. 

L.E. Jackson Jr., F.E. Nelson, C.A. Huscroft, M. Villeneuve, R.W. Barendregt, J.E. Storer and B.C. Ward. 2011. Pliocene and Pleistocene volcanic interaction with Cordilleran ice sheets, damming of the Yukon River and vertebrate Palaeontology, Fort Selkirk Volcanic Group, west-central Yukon, Canada. Quaternary International. 


R. Buliung, G. Faulkner, T.Beesley and J. Kennedy. 2011. School travel planning: Mobilizing school and community resources to encourage active school transportation. Journal of School Health.


A. Sani and C.Rinner. 2011. A scalable GeoWeb tool for argumentation mapping. GEOMATICA .

N. Short, B. Brisco, N. Couture, W. Pollard, K. Murnaghan and P. Budkewitsch. 2011. A comparison of TerraSAR-X, RADARSAT-2 and ALOS-PALSAR interferometry for monitoring permafrost environments, case study from Herschel Island, Canada. Remote Sensing of Environment.  

T.S. Gala, D.A. Aldred, S. Carlyle and I.F. Creed. 2011. Topographically based spatially averaging of SAR data improves performance of soil moisture models. Remote Sensing of Environment. 

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